Cristiano Rinaldi I Yes I Am

Cristiano Rinaldi  was born in 1992 in Abruzzo, where he grew up.Since he was a child, he showed a strong artistic talent and a keen interest in fashion.

After obtaining his high school diploma he moved to Milan, where he worked in several local retailers. After some time, he started working for an British fashion agency where he consolidated his business & marketing skills.

As soon as he developed a flair for business, in 2014 Cristiano Rinaldi launched a new venture, the project YESIAM, developed in cooperation with his friend the photographer Johan Anastasia’s. 

The first collection, which was launched in the occasion of Milan Expo, gathered consensus, enthusiasm and support of press, influencers and bloggers. As a result, this collection was a real success.

Carlotta Dejana, friend and co-worker, was decisive. Cristiano and Carlotta jointly run the brand’s style and its commercial offices.

YESIAM proposes a modern and original beachwear style, with features inspired by the fashion world and catwalks.

In little time, the mix of strong and colorful textures and a trendy tailor-made fitting has become one of the brand’s distinguishing features.

The style office has then decided to channel the energy into a new approach, which feels true to the nature of the project and has a strong personality.

A deep business knowledge and products know-how interlink each other for an original and cool beachwear concept.

The curiosity of the first customers was quickly apparent with significant appreciations and an increasing amount of online purchases, with subsequent distribution to important boutiques and department stores.

Cristiano today, with the collaboration of an experienced team of young and highly-skilled professionals, is involved in many e-commerce and consulting project.

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